Copper Export Price Down

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The international price fluctuations had taken its toll on Indonesia's export check price (HPE) for processed mining goods that are subject to export duty per July 2015. Compared with last month, most mining products in July experienced price declines.

    "Only iron ore concentrate experienced price increase, and it was small," Partogi Pangaribuan, director general of foreign trade said in a press conference yesterday.

    Processed mining products that are subject to export duty are copper concentrate, zinc concentrate, lead concentrate, iron concentrate, concentrate manganese, ilmenite concentrate, as well as other titanium concentrates.

    Partogi said that the price of copper concentrate with 15 percent content is now US$1,637.88 per metric ton, down 3.33 percent. Zinc concentrate with 52 percent content noted the sharpest decline to US$514.32, 11.4 percent lower compared to June's price.