Govt', Michelin Cooperate in Utilizing Used Tires  

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Industrial Ministry and French tire producer Michelin, cooperated in utilizing used tires to construct road infrastructure.

    "We have 80 million [road-going] motorcycles, multiply it by two means 160 millions of tires. It is just a matter how we utilize used tires so that they do not damage the environment," said Harjanto, Director General of Chemical, Textile and Variety Industry of the Ministry. On Wednesday, May 6, 2015.

    Harjanto said that Michelin has the technological advantage and experience in utilizing used tires to construct roads.

    "We asked Michelin to help with the technological aspect and experience on how to utilize used tires, and how to apply it domestically," Harjanto said.

    The Ministry also established cooperation on airplane tire re-treading process with the tire company.