Prostitution Continues Despite Police Raid

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  • Kalibata City apartment, Jakarta. TEMPO/ M Iqbal Ichsan

    Kalibata City apartment, Jakarta. TEMPO/ M Iqbal Ichsan

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - On March 25, 2015, Police officers raided the Herbras Tower of the Kalibata City Apartment complex in response to the information on prostitution practices involving minors. However, the raid failed to exterminate the illicit practice of prostitution in the apartment complex.

    One of the sex workers under the pseudonym of Dian Andriani, spoke to Koran Tempo last Thursday, April 30, 2015, saying that prostitution in apartment complex is hard to eradicate. "They still commit prostitution in other towers," Dian said.

    Kalibata City has a total of 17 towers with 11,500 rooms. Dian claimed that she often move from one room to the other to meet her 'customers'.

    Evan T. Wallad, General Manager of Kalibata City, claimed that he has no idea when the illicit practice had started. "We have several areas of privacy that we cannot control," Evan said.