Aceh Signs Agreement to Preserve Forests

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  • AP/Heri Juanda

    AP/Heri Juanda

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Aceh government will coordinate with indigenous communities, NGOs, academics and other stakeholders after signing an MoU with the governing body of REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest and Peatland Degradation).

    “We fully support the government’s commitment to achieve emission reduction target in Indonesia,” Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah said, adding that the Aceh government has already issued logging moratorium policy to overcome deforestation and forest and peatland degradation.

    REDD+ governing body chief Heru Prasetyo said Aceh is the eight province that signs the MoU after Jambi, Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, West Sumatera, Central Sulawesi, South Sumatera and Riau. The program is related to RED+ National Strategy and provincial action plan (SRAP).

    According to Heru, the strategy came from involvement and role of all parties, ranging from the government, private sector, NGOs, academics to indigenous communities. “President Joko Widodo stresses a working culture. No more sectoral vision and mission. The state’s vision and mission will be supported and implemented in each region,” he said.

    He added that the MoU also serves as a lesson for other provinces. REDD+ execution on field has three goals. First, emission reduction that also pays attention to people’s welfare. Second, equitable and sustainable economic development. And third, biodiversity and environmental preservation.