ESDM Ministry Announces Five Recommendations for Freeport

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  • Insiden di Freeport Murni Kecelakaan Tambang

    Insiden di Freeport Murni Kecelakaan Tambang

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ministry’s investigation team released five recommendations for Freeport Indonesia in relation to a collision of a haul truck and Toyota LWB van on September 27, 2014. The team assessed that there had been managerial and operational errors in the accident killing four workers.

    Bambang Susigit, technical and environemtnal director for the directorate general of mineral and coal, said that the first recommendation is the dissemination of Grasberg Operations Department's standard operating procedures related to Haul Truck operation that should be carried out by Freeport within three weeks.

    The second recommendation is that Freeport must ensure smooth flow of communication between mobile equipment units that should be conducted within a week. Third, the government asked Freeport to improve coordination between supervisors and operators in carrying out their duties.

    The fourth recommendation is that Freeport must provide standardization of facility construction process in relation to traffic management. This refers to road marks and signs at extreme and dangerous routes.

    Finally, the government urged Freeport to identify dangers, assess and control risks related to mobile equipment parking lot and active mine roads across Grasberg area within a week.

    "If these five recommendations can be carried out and shows convincing results, I will recommend the mine to be reopened," Bambang said.