New Potential Geothermal Energy Found in Bengkulu

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  • Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Panas Bumi Dieng. TEMPO/Aris Andrianto

    Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Panas Bumi Dieng. TEMPO/Aris Andrianto

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - PT Pertamina Geothermal will invest in geothermal management in Lebong and Rejang Lebong Regencies in Bengkulu Province. The electricity resulted from those new locations reaches 300 MW. Pertamina has previously managed geothermal resources in Lebong Regency.

    “The three new locations are Bukit Daun, Hulu Lais and Tambang Sawah,” said Bengkulu Province Environmental Agency chief Iskandar on Tuesday.

    He said the process is currently in public consultation period and will soon enter Focus Group Discussion (FGD). In order to utilize this geothermal energy, Pertamina works with PT PLN to reduce power shortage in several regions.

    Environmental Impact Analysis (Amdal) consultant Yunofrizal explained about the stages of public consultation that is currently ongoing. He said that there were several exploration spots that had larger geothermal energy than Hulu Lais. “Geothermal is in the form of steam that has heat more than 100 degrees Celsius,” said Yunofrizal. The geothermal sources lies 2,000 metes under the surface, so it needs precise calculation.