US, the Largest Export Destination for Gayo Coffee

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    TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe United States is the largest export destination country for Gayo coffee produced from Central Aceh district, Aceh, a local administration officer said on Wednesday.

    "Central Aceh is one of the major arabica coffee exporters, mainly to the United States, with quantity reaching tons during January to June 2014," Assistant I of Central Aceh District Muhammad Syukri stated as quoted by Antara News.

    In addition to the United States, Gayo arabica coffee export has also penetrated markets in Canada, reaching to 154,400 kilograms; Germany, 56,400 kilograms; Sweden, 19,200 kilograms; Ireland, 18,000 kilograms; New Zealand, 18,000 kilograms; and the Netherlands, 300 kilograms.

    "The demand for coffee is always so high that sometimes it exceeds production. The demand is for quality specialty coffee, and the first- or second-grade coffee," Syukri explained.

    The exported coffee is still green bean shaped, which has a criteria in 300 grams of defect coffee, the grade may not be more than 11.

    Central Aceh District is one of the arabica coffee production centers, with an area of plantation about 48 thousand hectares and average production reaching to 25 thousand tons per year.

    Most of Central Aceh people live in coffee plantation area. The number reaches to 36,000 families, or 80.18 percent, of the total population in Central Aceh, which is 214,000.