AGO Denies Lack of Seriousness in Investigating 1965-1966 Tragedy

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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Attorney Generals Office (AGO) has denied allegations it has not been serious about handling reports about human rights violations that occurred between 1965 and 1966, when thousands of members from the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) were massacred.The AGO said the office is still reviewing reports submitted by the National Commission of Human Rights.How can we not be serious when we are still reviewing the report? said the junior attorney for special crimes, Andhi Nirwanto, met by Tempo at the AGO building on Wednesday, October 3. Andhi promised to determine whether or not the report regarding 1965-1966 tragedy is complete and ready to be investigated by the AGO further.If the report is deemed incomplete, the AGO will return it to the Human Rights Commission to be completed. Otherwise, the AGO will investigative. Just wait for the conclusion; [it will be announced] as soon as possible, said Andhi. INDRA WIJAYA