Employers Association Oppose Planned Nationwide Workers' Strike



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) chairperson Hariyadi Sukamdani voiced his disagreement against a nationwide workers’ strike planned by the Confederation of Indonesian Workers Union (KSPI).

    KSPI recently stated their plan to hold a strike to protest the 2022 provincial minimum wage average increase of 1.09 percent, which the organization considered to be too low. The federation's president Said Iqbal, claimed that nearly 60 workers unions have pledged participation.

    "We do not agree if there will be a national strike," said Hariyadi to Tempo on November 18, 2021. He also insisted that regulations in Indonesia do not acknowledge the concept of a national strike and that employees are only legally allowed to conduct a strike at a corporate level. 

    He added that a strike is the last option after a negotiation between employees and employers resulted in a deadlock. 

    "Workers have the right to strike if a dialogue faces a deadlock, corporations have the right to lock down a factory. That is overseen by our Law. We are against a national strike," Hariyadi said. 

    He also claimed that business owners will enforce existing regulations and hopes there will be no employees forced to strike by fellow workers. Hariyadi asserted that business owners will not compromise with workers' who persuade others to take part in the strike.