Police Nab Black Dollar Scam Culprits, Two of Them Indonesians



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • Illustration of fraud / handcuff / arrested. Photo: Shutterstock

    Illustration of fraud / handcuff / arrested. Photo: Shutterstock

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - South Jakarta Metro Police caught MA, a Nigerian responsible for Black Dollar scam. Aside from MA, police also caught his accomplices, two Indonesians with the initials DA and HL.

    Chief of South Jakarta Metro Police, Commissioner Aziz Andriansyah explains that the culprits launched their action through Facebook.

    "They offered the black dollar which came from abroad that can be smuggled into Indonesia to the victim," explains Aziz on Tuesday, October 26.

    In his statement to the victim, MA says Black Dollar is foreign currency coated by carbon layer. Money can be smuggled in and won't be detected by Immigration and Directorate General of Customs and Excise (BEA Cukai).

    The victim was lured in by MA after they know the Black Dollar has a cheaper price and yet still has the same currency value as the one in the bank. Therefore the victim is able to resell the black dollar to the bank and receive a doubling income.

    MA's victim then spent US$ 165.000 or 185 million Indonesian Rupiahs then proceeded to send the money to DA and HL bank account.

    "The Victim sent the money gradually, 100 million and another 85 million Rupiah on the same day," says Aziz. After the transaction is made, the money that MA promised did not come. Victim invited MA to meet in person and was ignored by MA. Deceived, the victim proceeded to report this incident to the Police.

    Police investigated through the culprits' social media and caught MA along with HL and DA. Later on during the investigation, it was revealed that DA and HL are his wife and in law's.

    Aziz says the police are still looking for others involved with this Black Dollar scam group. Two people of Nigerian and Indonesian citizenship. Police sentenced the already caught culprits with Article 378 of Criminal code (KUHP) concerning fraud and are faced with prison sentence for 4 years.

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    M. Julnis Firmansyah | Graven Fikri (Internship)