Indonesia-Papua New Guinea Border Resident Hands Over Bullet Stockpile



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A Keerom District resident living in the Indonesian and Papua New Guinea (PNG) border on Monday had voluntarily handed over an ammunition stash to the National Armed Forces (TNI) task force.

    Citing Antaranews, the TNI task force commander, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Erfani said  the local resident handed over the weapons after cleaning up his late parents’ house which consists of 44 of 11-mm ammunition and one 9-mm bullet. 

    “The ammunition handover was directly handled by the task force deputy commander of Yonif 131/Brs military command maj. Infantry Achmad Muzani CH at a post located in the West Arso District,” said Erfani in a statement on October 11.

    Asked in a separate location, Achmad Muzani explained that the handover was the result of a program aimed to help improve regional security, which puts forward a persuasive human approach.  

    “We will continue to maintain a secure and peaceful situation in Papua,” he added.

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