Anies Baswedan: Non-essential Businesses May Reoperate if Workers Vaccinated



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan will be allowing offices of the non-essential business to re-operate under one condition that the workers have received Covid-19 vaccine.

    "Non-esensial offices may reopen but the workers must first be vaccinated," Anies said Saturday, July 31. But he did not detail on when this policy will be implemented.

    He hopes that through vaccination, the potential of Covid-19 transmission can be suppressed, as well as help to cut severe cases and fatality number.

    "So, please be prepared for those who want to re-start [office] activities, start from getting the Covid shot," he said.

    Anies, therefore, called on all the people of Jakarta to soon get the vaccine injection. All of vaccination venues in Jakarta are opened for every Indonesian citizen regardless of their domicile.

    "I'm calling for those who are not yet vaccinated, to immediately register via Jaki app or simply come to nearest healthcare facilities," he said.

    Previously, Anies Baswedan said the reopening of businesses, entertainment venues, and city parks would be done gradually. The capital city administration would require Covid-19 vaccination as the operational requirement.

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