Attorney General Calls for Humane Law Enforcement amid Covid-19



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Attorney General Sanitiar Burhanuddin on Thursday strongly reminded the authorities to remain professional upon handling cases of Covid-19 health protocol. He insisted that the law must not be enforced to impoverish those who are already living in poverty. 

    “Amidst such a difficult situation, I personally do not expect the law to become a tool that impoverishes the indigent,” said Burhanuddin during the 61st Bhakti Adhyaksa Day commemoration on Thursday, July 22. 

    Apart from actively participating in the prevention and control against the spread of the coronavirus, he said the judiciary must possess concern and initiative to be involved in the government’s attempt to succeed the emergency public activity restriction or Emergency PPKM. One of which is by imposing strict laws but are calculated and proportional. 

    “Use your conscience when you are forced to enforce the law on people who do not comply with the rules overseen by the PPKM,” said Burhanuddin, as reported by Antaranews.

    “Impose strict but calculated sanctions, but those that are able to deter violators. Charge them proportionally based on conscience,” he remarked.

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