Lapor Covid-19: Many Offices Violate Health Orders during Emergency PPKM



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Lapor Covid-19 (Report Covid-19) volunteer group received hundreds of citizen complaints regarding violations of health protocols during the emergency state of public mobility restriction or Emergency PPKM. A volunteer, Yemiko Happy, said there were 302 complaints from July 3-20, 2021.

    He explained 34 percent of the reports was violations of health protocols in the business and office sector. “Offices and business centers receive the most reports of health protocol violations,” Yemiko said in an online press conference on Thursday, July 22.

    The volunteer group also received 161 complaints regarding the handling of the pandemic. Most complaints totaling 40 were related to requests for hospitals or isolation centers for Covid-19 patients.

    There were also 26 complaints regarding the health community center or Puskesmas services. “For example, people undergoing self-isolation were not monitored by the Puskesmas,” said Yemiko.

    Other complaints were about the difficulty of online medical consultation (25 complaints); oxygen demand (17 complaints); government services (17 complaints); self-isolation (14 complaints); hospital services (9 complaints); and vaccination (6 complaints); basic needs (4 complaints); incentive funds (2 complaints); and death of Covid-19 patients (1 complaint).

    “Based on the data summarized by Lapor Covid-19 during the implementation of the Emergency PPKM, most of the public's complaints came from Jakarta, followed by West Java and Banten,” said Yemiko.

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