TNI to Assist Govt in Handling Covid-19 Patients



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A spokesperson for the ministry of communication and informatics, Dedy Permadi, said the Indonesian military (TNI) will help the government to handle COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms and the asymptomatic ones.

    “Based on the order from President Joko Widodo, TNI will help in handling COVID-19 patients, especially those who show no symptom and mild symptoms,” said Dedy in a press conference on Saturday, July 10.

    Therefore, the emergency PPKM coordinator was asked to give directions to TNI operation assistant to collect data of positive cases before setting up a ward or treatment venue. The health ministry will also help determine the location.

    “The TNI will be supported by doctors and medical workers, as well as students of medical studies,” he said.

    The military is also set to distribute medicines provided by the SOE ministry. The emergency PPKM coordinator was also asked to give directions to TNI and Indonesian Police to map possible additional wards, both for Covid-19 patients in self-isolation or who need intensive treatment.

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