Papua Plans to Review Govt's Investment Permit for Liquor Industry



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  • Illustration of Alcoholic Drink or Liquor. REUTERS / Mike Blake

    Illustration of Alcoholic Drink or Liquor. REUTERS / Mike Blake

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Papua provincial administration hinted on Monday that it would review the Indonesian government's decision to open investment in the liquor industry in the province.

    The implementation of the Presidential Regulation (No.10/2021) would be adjusted to Papua's conditions, the Papua provincial government's secretary, Doren Wakerkwa, said.

    "We have had special regional regulation No.13/2015 so the presidential regulation will be adjusted to the characteristics of respective regions," he told journalists.

    Papua Governor Lukas Enembe's directives have revealed that it is better for the province to be free from liquor for the sake of ensuring secure and comfortable lives for its people, he said.

    Hence, the proposal for opening investment in the liquor industry in Papua would be adjusted as per the provincial government's authority, he added.

    President Joko Widodo signed the Presidential Regulation (No.10/2021) on Investment on February 2, 2021, opening up investment in the alcoholic beverages industry in the provinces of Bali, East Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, and Papua.

    Filep Wamafma, a member of the Regional Representatives' Council (DPD) who represents West Papua's electoral area, made an earnest request to President Widodo to revoke the investment permit.

    "We appeal to Mr. President to revoke the government's investment permit for the alcoholic beverages industry in Papua," he stated in a press statement issued on Saturday.

    He warned of a spike in crime rate following liquor intake in the country's easternmost province.

    The presidential regulation has been issued as a follow-up to the job creation law passed by the House of Representatives (DPR) last year.

    "Referring to the presidential regulation, the liquor industry may obtain investment from both foreign and domestic investors," Wamafma stated.

    Investment in the liquor industry could also come from cooperative units and small and medium enterprises, he remarked.

    ANTARA has earlier reported on how alcohol consumption remains a grave problem in Papua in spite of a ban on the production, distribution, and sale of liquor in the province since 2016. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is believed to have contributed to the shortened life expectancy of native Papuans.

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