KAI Railway Operational after Flood Submerges Some Train Tracks



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian railway company Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) confirmed on Tuesday, Feb. 23, that the tracks at Kedunggedeh and Lemahabang Stations in West Java, can now be used again after previously were submereged in flood. The railways connect to Jakarta routes. 

    KAI spokesperson Joni Martinus on Tuesday said that train services in the ‘Jakarta area operations 1(Daop)’ are now available again. “Those heading to Gambir and Senen Station are operable again,” he said. 

    However, they said the speeds are temporarily limited to 10 kilometers per hour for safety reasons. Currently, repairs are being done to normalize the railway section, strengthen the track bed, and add the number of ballasts to help solidify the tracks. 

    “KAI management conveys our deepest apology to customers for the inconvenience caused by the flooding in the operational area 1,” said the Kereta Api Indonesia spokesperson. 

    Previously on Monday, KAI canceled long-haul and local train services on Monday, February 22, after tracks in the two West Java stations were flooded, which damaged the track beds and even entirely scraped some parts leaving only the railways. 

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