What to Do If You Feel Covid-19 Symptoms Amidst a Vacation



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic that has been around for a year has helped coin the term ‘pandemic fatigue’ which is a natural response from people to a prolonged public health crisis and the social restrictions that come with it. The fatigue has encouraged people to go on vacation under strict health protocols amidst the pandemic. 

    However, with slightly relaxed social restrictions set in motion - which is also an attempt to help recover the economy - people have started to travel but to help reduce your chances of contracting the virus that initially came out of Wuhan, China, internal medicine specialist from Primajaya Hospital in North Bekasi, Mohammad Irfan, gave some health advices for you.

    First and foremost he says that you must not panic if you feel the symptoms of Covid-19 as you are travelling. “Go to the nearest hospital to consult with a doctor,” said Irfan in a written statement. “Remain disciplined with the 3M health protocols and isolate yourself.”

    He also cautions people that join you in your travel to take Covid-19 tests if you have confirmed Covid-19 infection. Always at all cost wear your face mask properly and distance yourself from others to prevent a spread.

    Irfan adds that people with comorbidity or chronic diseases should always bring their prescribed medicines as they travel and make sure that it has enough supply to last the duration of your vacation. For those without chronic diseases, the internal medicine specialist advised people to bring antioxidant vitamins, fever medicines, and pain relievers as a backup.

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