Lion Air Reveals How Pandemic Affected Business



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaLion Air Group Director of Airport Service Operations, Wisnu Wijayanto, on Wednesday said the global COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected its company, specifically 1,900 pilots, 3,000 flight attendants, and a further 25,000 employees. 

    “There are plenty of problems, starting with general issues such as health issues, dropping financial abilities, up to its negative contributions toward the economy,” said Wisnu in Wednesday’s Webinar. 

    He explained that the pandemic has presented a huge blow for the aviation sector due to the economic contraction it caused. The lowest point Lion Air endured, according to Wisnu, was in March during the time Indonesia confirmed its first COVID-19 cases. 

    The lack of operations has also affected pilot and flight attendant’s proficiency checks. It only leaves roughly 50 percent for pilots and flight attendants to collect with no seemingly end in sight to the situation. 

    “It will have less favorable effects because air carriers will shuffle its cabin crews again. This will end up seeing involuntary unpaid leave [enforced on cabin crews],” Wisnu explained. 

    Worse, he feared that the prolonged effects of the pandemic would eventually spark a wave of layoffs for Lion Air contract workers. He also addressed the difficulties of recovering the company’s economy but will continue to operate its cargo business.