Japanese Ambassador Masafumi Ishii Visits MRT Jakarta Project



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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaJapanese Ambassador to Indonesia Masafumi Ishii and JICA Indonesia head representative Shinichi Yamanaka on Wednesday visited the construction of the phase II MRT Jakarta project that started in June this year.

    In the visit to the MRT railway construction located between HI Roundabout station and Harmoni station - which is the project’s extension to Kota Station - the ambassador expressed hope that it would improve the lives of many Jakartans.

    In a written statement from the Japanese Embassy on Wednesday, September 16, Masafumi Ishii said that he is impressed by the construction that is running within schedule despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

    “The MRT project is a symbol for the friendship and partnership between Japan and Indonesia,” he wrote.

    THe Jakarta MRT is set to construct eight stations which are spread at numerous strategic locations at Thamrin, Monas, Harmoni, Sawah Besar, Mangga Besar, Glodok, Kota, and the West Ancol Depot. Seven stations will be underground while others will be at grade, or above ground.

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