House Legislator Scolds Human Rights Group for Criticizing the DPR



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - PDIP politician and House of Representatives (DPR) legislator, Arteria Dahlan, aggressively criticized the national commission on human rights (Komnas HAM) after he deemed the human rights watchdog for “crossing the line.”

    “You sir, should not [be an instigator] moreover a provocateur by requesting the House of Representatives [DPR] to drop the discussions of a draft bill, who do you think you are?” said Arteria during a House hearing with the Komnas HAM on Tuesday, September 15. 

    Arteria did not stop there and continued to berate Komnas HAM by accusing the watchdog of lacking any achievements and strongly asked them to stop criticizing the performance of DPR legislators in the creation of a law. 

    “Don’t you ever criticize the DPR. The House always respects institutions. Once you nudge the DPR, we will expose your misdeeds,” Arteria warned. 

    The fuel to that fired the PDIP legislator’s anger came after Komnas HAM handed over notes to the DPR regarding the House’s legislation process of the widely controversial Omnibus Draft Bill on job creation. The human rights group argues that the DPR acted hastily to process the draft bill and did not provide enough public participation in the drafting of the bill.

    Criticism did not only come from Arteria as legislator, Wihadi Wiyanto from the Gerindra Party faction criticized Komnas HAM as well “The DPR is tasked to create laws, why have the Komnas HAM meddled with this?” he said in the House hearing. 

    WIhadi also questioned the achievements of Komnas HAM at the international level regarding human rights, which was explained by the watchdog’s chairperson Ahmad Taufan Damanik. 

    “We are yet able to see who Komnas HAM is defending. I cannot comment any further, whether the budget gets passed or not is up to others,” said Wihadi.

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