Burger Nasi Goreng; McDonald's Attempt to Sway Indonesians



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Just recently, Indonesian foodies were surprised by McDonald's latest menu that adopted local 'Nusantara' culture with the theme "Ini Rasa Kita" which translates to "This is Our Taste".

    One of the most commonly known Indonesian dishes is the nasi goreng or fried rice, which the American fast-food chain has turned into a burger that comes in two types: the burger nasi goreng (fried rice burger) and the burger nasi goreng spesial (special fried rice burger)

    The fried rice burger comes as a single beef patty burger along with the regular onion and sliced pickles, meanwhile the special fried rice burger comes with an additional sunny side egg. The dish is served with a glass of Asam Jawa (Javanese Tamarind) soda as the beverage.

    What would a visit to a fast-food joint be without ordering a burger with fries? The ‘Indonesian taste' has also been adopted by McDonald's fries with its special 'shake shake gulai gurih' seasoning, which claimed to provide the customers with an exotic taste of curry. 

    The fast-food chain also introduce a new menu of Es Teler ice cream cone and iced coffee with a mix of Southeast Asia's king of fruit, the Durian.

    According to Antara, citing McDonald's press release on Sunday, August 9, 2020, the burgers and fries are available from noon to the afternoon while the desserts are available at all times.