Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Police Question Starbucks Employees in CCTV Controversy



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The North Jakarta Metro Police have summoned two alleged suspects behind the Starbucks CCTV controversy that went viral on social media. The two individuals who had been questioned since Thursday evening are believed to be the CCTV operators who spied on female customers. 

    “We have the two people that are believed to have recorded and zoomed-in [the CCTV video],” said the North Jakarta Metro Police Commissioner Wirdhanto Hadicaksono on Friday, July 3. 

    Police reported that the two individuals are identified as "K" and "D" aged roughly in their early 20s. “We are investigating their motives.”

    On Thursday, PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, as the franchise owner of Starbucks, announced that it has commenced an internal investigation against one of its employees inappropriately using a CCTV camera to zoom-in on a female customer’s chest. 

    The video that went viral shows an individual recording a CCTV operator - in what is believed to be a Starbucks branch - aiming the camera at a female customer and zooming in on the person’s upper body.

    The person recording the act and the CCTV operator can be heard joking about it and laughed while committing the disgraceful act.

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