Health Ministry Delivers Traditional Herbal Drinks to Medics



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Health Ministry on Thursday has sent several batches of traditional herbal drinks for healthcare workers in the front line of the coronavirus (COVID-19) battle. The ministry claims the ingredients of the herbal drinks are believed to improve a person’s immune system.

    “Healthcare workers are in dear need of [supplements] to improve their immune. We distributed some of it to them,” said the ministry’s director of traditional health service Ina Rosalina Dadan in a written release on Thursday, April 23. 

    Rosalina Dadan says that the ministry obtained the antioxidant called Onoiwa and Rafa Khomsah from Nucleus Farma.

    Nucleus Farma CEO Edward Basilianus explains both of the drinks are extracted from cork fish, Curcuma, moringa leaf, black diamonds, guava leaves, Gotu kola, and brown rice bran, which are believed to be able to improve the immune system. He also claims it can accelerate the recovery of a COVID-19 patient.