Social Restriction; Limitation on Jakarta Transportation



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Provincial Government is set to impose the Large-scale Social Restriction (PSBB) starting on Friday, April 10, 2020, which will regulate the restriction on the numbers of passengers for private vehicles and public transportation.

    Chief of the Jakarta Transportation Office, Syafrin Liputo, stated that a number of scenarios, geared to limit the number of passengers on private vehicles and public transportation, have been prepared. "We examined some of the existing scenarios," he said via text message, on Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

    According to Syafrin, the most comprehensive vehicle restriction scenario will later be included into the Jakarta Governor's Regulation. "We are reviewing the most comprehensive scenario to get the most ideal arrangement, which will be made into a policy in the Governor's Regulation."

    Of the several scenarios prepared, Syafrin continues, one scenario has been disseminated on social media. This scenario will restrict the number of passengers for private vehicles, based on the various types and transport capacities of the vehicle. For sedans with a capacity of four people, the vehicle can only carry three people, a driver and two passengers.

    Cars with a capacity of seven people can only carry four people; a driver, two passengers in the middle and one behind. The same rule applies to online car taxis, restricting the number of passengers based on the vehicle’s capacity.

    Motorcycles are not allowed to carry any passenger; meaning that only the driver can occupy the motorcycle. The same restriction applies to online motorcycle taxis (ojek), disabling them to transport passengers. Therefore, online ojek can only deliver food, drinks or goods. 

    The buses, with a capacity of more than seven people, are only allowed to carry passengers at half of its capacity.

    Public transportation such as the MRT, which has the capacity to carry 325 people for one train, is only allowed to accommodate 60 passengers. The LRT, with a capacity of 129 people, is only allowed to accommodate 30 people in one train car.

    Transjakarta articulated buses, with a capacity of 120 people and similarly for single bus with a capacity of 60 people, may only carry half of its capacity.

    Regular transport buses, ranging from capacities of 52 to 12 people, are only allowed to carry half of its capacity.

    Bajaj with a capacity of three people can only accommodate two people consisting of the driver and one passenger. 

    Ships headed to the Thousand Islands (Keplauan Seribu) with a capacity of 54 people, may only carry 25 people on board. "Operations are only once a week (2 ships)," wrote the circulating data.

    IMAM HAMDI | Translator: DIO SUHENDA (Intern)