DPR to Start Discussing Job Creation Bill Next Week



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe House of Representatives (DPR) planned to hold a working meeting with the government to ensure its readiness to discuss the job creation bill. The meeting was scheduled for next week.

    "The DPR will establish a meeting with the government to ask about their readiness next week," said the DPR's Legislative Body member Willy Adita on Tuesday, April 7.

    During today's meeting of the Legislative Body, points noted in the problem inventory list or DIM that are not protested by the people will be discussed first then followed by the controversial ones. So the meeting with the government will talk about simple DIM.

    Willy said that his side had submitted the draft of the job creation bill to the factions for their study. The list should not have to be completely resolved, but rather be arranged based on the results of the meeting coupled with public opinion.

    "So a working committee will be formed to listen to the public's views, and a public test will also be conducted to accommodate opinions of various parties, such as labor unions, associations, experts, before the preparation of DIM," Willy explained.