Getting Off from Plane, Indonesians from Wuhan Board TNI Aircraft



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A number of Indonesian citizens who had just arrived from Wuhan, China at Batam's Hang Nadim Airport, began descending the stairs of the Batik Air plane. They were immediately directed to enter the aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) who had been on standby right next to the Batik Air plane.

    The Indonesian passengers began disembarking on Sunday, 2nd of February, 2020 at around 9:23 WIB (Western Indonesia Time). The Batik Air plane from Wuhan landed around 8:45 WIB. The passengers from Wuhan exited the aircraft one by one, with a relatively long time distance each between them.

    A number of officers dressed in complete yellow and white were immediately alerted around the plane, as soon as the plane carrying Indonesian citizens from Wuhan arrived.

    When the Batik Air plane landed, officers in yellow uniforms entered the plane. They stopped at the front door of the plane for a few minutes, and followed by officers in white uniforms.

    According to quarantine rules, all passengers must go through a health check on the Batik Air plane before moving to another plane that will take it to Natuna.

    Head of Batam Class I Port Health Office Achmad Farchanny previously stated, there were a number of health tests carried out on the plane, including body temperature check, regarding the coronavirus.

    Meanwhile, 3 TNI aircraft are on standby to carry 245 Indonesians from Wuhan to Natuna, namely Hercules A-1315 and two Boeing AI 7304 and A 7306. Head of Hang Nadim Batam Operations Office, Major Lek Wardoyo, said that the Hercules was maximized to carry 130 people and Boeing with a capacity of 7,304. Around 100 people each.