Bogor DPRD Speaker Monitors Disaster Areas by Air



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Speaker of the Bogor Regional Representative Council (DPRD) Rudi Susmanto has been monitoring the landslide disaster by using helicopter. Rudi also provided aid to civilians affected by the landslide.

    Rudi said that he is sending aid through air because the location of the disaster is till isolated and cannot be reached by land.

    "But those reachable, I go by land, off road," Rudi said on Friday, January 3, 2020.

    Rudi explained that to channel aid, he is coordinating with the Indonesian Air Force stationed at Atang Senjaya Airbase. Rudi said he decided to travel by air to enable him to render assistance to isolated villages. A number of villages he assisted were Cileuksa Village, Pasir Madang Village, Cisarua Village, Kiarapandak Village, and Kiarasari Village.

    "We bring food, clothes, and medicine needed by the victims," Rudi said.

    After providing aid through the air, Rudi continue to channel aid through land to Jasinga District and other villages in the Sukajaya District, which are accessible by land. "Thank God some of the regions are still accessible using off road vehicles," Rudi stated.

    Rudi said that he was surprised when he had arrived at the Jayaraharja village because the local residents has not received any assistance or aid for as long as three days. Rudi then contacted the Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency and the Bogor Regency Regional Secretary to take action, evacuate the victims and to take steps to enable access by clearing debris blocking the roads.

    "We take follow up actions, from our aerial observation, it is true that this area is the worst affected and there are many villages still isolated," Rudi said.