YLKI Reminds Year-End Sales Consumers to Remain Critical



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) Chairman Tulus Abadi advised consumers to remain critical and wary amid a plethora of year-end sales offered by a number of shopping malls.

    “YLKI calls for consumers to remain critical and wary of the discounts festivities as your wallets are at stake if [mistakenly treated],” said Tulus in a written statement on Sunday, December 29. 

    According to Tulus, these year-end discounts nearing 2019’s New Year’s Eve will lead consumers to the path of ever-increasing consumerism on arguably needless goods. He also reminded people to think twice about the branded items that are subject to these price cuts. 

    “We must of these discount festivities and beware of discounted rejected products, old and aging goods, or even fashion products that have hidden defects,” he warned. 

    With Christmas passes and New Year’s Eve comes closer, this holiday is used by most shopping centers as momentum to encourage consumers to double or triple their spendings via tempting discounts on popular products. 

    In the Greater Jakarta Area, at least two shopping malls will hold year-end sales that offer discounted products up to 80 percent with Lippo Mall Puri dubbed the “Magical Midnight Sale” and PIK Avenue.