Moeldoko Calls Public to Not Misinterpret Agnez Mo's Statement



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko asked fellow Indonesians to not view the issue regarding Agnez Mo in a negative light following her interview with BUILD Series published on November 22, where she talked about her descendence. 

    “No, it’s not necessarily like that,” said Moeldoko in responding to the mixed public reaction on Tuesday, November 26.

    Moeldoko maintained his optimism and said he often meets Indonesians overseas that, in his standard, has a better level of nationalism. 

    “So please don’t go on and [misinterpret] Monica of being a non-nationalist,” he continued. 

    Moeldoko maintained that Agnez Mo is more sympathetic towards the development of Indonesia than what people are picturing her as. “If she had a huge ego, she would not have wanted to be invited to the presidential palace. I invited her to eat tempe here and she was okay with it,” he said. 

    During the interview, Kevin Kenney asked Agnez Mo about a previous interview about feeling different from people in her surroundings, which she replied; “Because I actually don’t have Indonesian blood whatsoever. So I’m actually German, Japanese, Chinese, I was just born in Indonesia.”