Employee Association: Survey Proves Weakening of KPK is Real



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Corruption Eradication Commission employee's association (WP KPK) views that the public is aware of the weakening efforts done toward the anti-graft agency through the revised KPK Law. This was proven by the LSI Denny JA survey, showing that the public trust toward KPK decreased from 89 percent to 85.7 percent.

    "The decreasing of public trust at 3 percent [shown] in the latest survey confirms that the people strongly believe that there are efforts to weaken the KPK through the passed KPK Law revision on October 17," said WP KPK head Yudi Purnomo in a written release on Thursday, November 14.

    Besides the law revision, public trust decreased following the naming of the new KPK leader who is deemed problematic following his ethic code violation case.

    However, Yudi thanks to the Corruption Eradication Commission since it still becomes the institution that is most trusted by the public in the middle of the weakening efforts against them.

    On the other hand, he hopes President Joko Widodo will issue the government's regulation in lieu of law (perpu) of KPK Law as a tool to increase public trust, which will also increase investment in Indonesia

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