Minister Edhy Prabowo Reviews 2 Susi Pudjiastuti's Policies



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaMaritime and Fisheries Affairs Edhy Prabowo was reviewing two policies issued by his predecessor Susi Pudjiastuti. They were the ban on the use of cantrang (deep trawling) and the ban on transshipment.

    “The use of cantrang was prohibited and such a violation act. So then [fishermen] use fishing line, but it is not a net,” said Edhy when met at a meeting with fishermen at Muara Angke Port, North Jakarta, Monday, October 28.

    According to Edhy, alternative tools to the banned cantrang were available, but not many. On the other hand, the controversy still existed to date. Some people said that the use of cantrang was safe, but some thought otherwise. These differences, Edhy said, would be united in the near future.

    “We must seek a way out,” said the former head of House’s Fisheries Commission of 2014-2019 period.

    In addition to cantrang, the review was also carried out on the prohibition of transshipment. Edhy Prabowo was aware that there were concerns about the method that might let ships sell their cargo in mid-ocean. But now, he underlined, there was a real-time GPS technology which was effective to monitor the exact location of ships.

    Former Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Susi Pudjiastuti previously issued the ban on the use of cantrang per January 1, 2018, given the fact that it might cause environmental damage. While the transshipment ban was taken effect in November 2014 as she deemed it became a fishing theft method.