Nadiem Makarim Memes Overflow Twitter Hours after Oath of Office



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo officially took Nadiem Makarim’s oath of office at the State Palace on Wednesday, October 23. The founder of GoJek and former CEO is officially Indonesia’s 2019-2024 Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs. 

    In the midst of the public’s enthusiasm toward Nadiem’s promotion into the government, Nadiem Makarim’s connection to GoJek led to numerous internet memes across social media platforms such as Twitter. The following are four examples we compiled:

    1. Go-Teacher Meme

    It is a trademark of the ride-hailing giant to add the term “Go” in front of services the startup provides such as Go-Food for food and beverage delivery services; Go-Car for services in car transportation; Go-Clean; and Go-Glam among many others. 

    Nadiem Makarim’s naming as Minister of Education created the meme that involves him providing mobile services to the teaching segment. 

    1. “Rate the Teacher”

    In order to maintain the performance of its partner drivers, GoJek provides its users with the rating feature. This is used to convey the customers’ impression of a service they just used. Twitter user @satriaoo used this as a jake-material; “Nadiem as Minister of Education. After every class ends, a rating feature will pop up.”

    1. Cashback for School Tuitions 

    One of GoJek’s signatures is through the promotion of non-cash cashbacks. This drove twitter user @riskabrigitta to imagine Nadiem issuing a policy on school tuition cashback. 

    1. Go-School, Like Go-Teacher but for Students 

    Following similar steps with Go-Teacher, this yet another imagined GoJek service became a highlight in Twitter with user @CA91786 imagining a Go-School app service that specifically picks up students from and to school. “Gojek boss-turn-education minister… Pickups use Go-School,” the user wrote.