PLN Prepares Free Installation for 7,000 Households in Banyumas



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - PLN said that some 7,000 poor households in Banyumas Regency, Central Java, have no electricity. The state power company said they will help them by giving free installations.

    "PLN will also mandate employees to pay for the installation costs of poor households; one employee for one poor household" the company's manager for marketing and services at the Purwokerto Service Branch, Edi Cahyanto, said on Tuesday, October 15. 

    This is part of the company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) program called the 'One Man One Hope'.

    "Through CSR, PLN is holding a 'One Man One Hope' program for 7,000 Banyumas residents who have nor become independent customers," PLN UP3 Purwokerto's manager Armunanto said.

    According to Edi, 1,062 poor households will have power by the end of October 2019.  The company's Purwokerto office is targeting all of Banyumas' poor families will have electricity at their homes by the end of 2020.

    He added that the electricity company's UP3 Purwokerto currently has 333 megawatts (MW) power supply, of which only 37 percent is absorbed. This means that there is an unused capacity of 209.79 MW).

    With that amount of power supply, he said, PLN UP3 Purwokerto can help the Banyumas Regency Government in development, as well as support investment.