Jakarta Asylum Seekers Back in Limbo as Accommodation Stops



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A number of asylum seekers accommodated at one of Jakarta’s facilities, the West Jakarta Military Command (Kodim) building, are still unsure about their future as the Jakarta administration assistance will stop by August-end. Their future will be handed back to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

    Afghan refugee Abdul Zabih (29) admits he is not sure where to go after the government-help stops. He currently is taking refuge together with his wife and two children.

    “I and my whole family don’t know where to go. The others share the same feeling as mine,” said the man who is able to speak fluent Indonesian. “We are waiting for certainty from the UNHCR.”

    Sharing the same sentiment as Abdul, Sudanese Aziz (25) also said he has no plans after he sets foot off the Kodim building. Aziz has relatives currently living in Bogor, West Java, but has no interest to visit them.

    “I want to work so I can have a house,” said Aziz as he spoke in an effortful Indonesian language.

    Prior to the Jakarta administration assistance on July 2019, the refugees lived on sidewalks in front of the Immigrations Detention Facility (Rudenim) in Kalideres and in front of the UNHCR headquarters at Kebon Sirih.