BPBD Jakarta Calls For Public Participation to Tackle Pollution



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaJakarta Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) has asked the public to take part in reducing air pollution in the capital.

    Through its Twitter account on Wednesday, July 31, people of Jakarta and surrounding areas are appealed to care for the metropolitan by implementing measures that help control air pollution.

    The agency noted that the city’s air quality is considered unhealthy as its Air Quality Index (AQI) scored 181 on July 29 according to air quality forecaster AirVisual.

    Therefore, to control the pollution level, the agency called for the people to use public transportation. “Because the main factor of the city’s worst air quality is the massive number of motorized vehicles emitting non-eco friendly emission,” BPBD Jakarta tweeted.

    Jakartans are also demanded to plant more species of plants that could press pollutants, such as mother-in-law’s tongue or snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), avocado, starfruit, pucuk merah, and others.

    In addition, people are prohibited to burn waste carelessly as the action produces black dust and smoke that cause pollution.

    The burned waste also emits carbon dioxide (CO2) that worsens global warming. Also, the gas from the burning will damage the earth’s atmosphere.

    Jakarta provincial administration had earlier issued a Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 2/2005 concerning the air pollution control, which noting the ban of waste burning.