Homecoming Traffic: 750 Thousand Vehicles Leave Jakarta



Mahinda Arkiyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - From D-7 until D-4 of the 2019 homecoming period, Toll road operator PT Jasa Marga recorded 749,945 vehicles leaving Jakarta and heading for regions East, West, and South of the capital. Jasa Marga Head of Corporate Communication Department Irra Susiyanti, said that the number is 32 percent higher compared to the average traffic volume of 568,484 vehicles for four days period.

    Irra further explained that the number is equal to 57 percent of the total number predicted by Jasa Marga. The company previously predicted that at least one million vehicles will leave Jakarta during the D-7 until D-1 period of the homecoming.

    "So there are around 559 thousand vehicles have not started their homecoming trip," Irra stated in a written statement dated Sunday, June 2, 2019.

    Irra continued that 55 percent of the total traffic was heading East, while the remaining 28 and 17 percent are heading West and South, respectively. She added that the number of vehicles heading East were recorded from the Cikampek Utama and Kalihurip Utama toll gates.

    The number of vehicles that have passed the Cikampek Utama toll gate is recorded at 286,715 vehicles while the number of vehicles passing through the Kalihurip Utama toll gate is recorded at 122,417 vehicles.

    Meanwhile, the number of vehicles heading West that were recorded from the Cikupa toll gate on the Merak-Tangerang toll road had reached 209,568 vehicles, or 2.9 percent lower compared to the normal traffic average of 215,818 vehicles.

    For vehicles heading South, the numbers were recorded from the Ciawi toll gate on the Jagorawi toll road, and it had reached 131,235 vehicles. This number is 1.68 percent higher compared to the normal average of 129,064 vehicles.