May 22 Protesters Burn Brimob Dormitory Building in Tanah Abang



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The masses that had previously rioted and were involved in a clash with the joint forces of Brimob (Police Mobile Brigade) and TNI (National Armed Forces) armed with tear gas were still concentrating around the Brimob Dormitory, Petamburan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday morning, May 22, 2019, after they had set fire to the building

    Based on an observation, a group of mobs tried to approach the Brimob Dormitory this morning. However, they were driven away by a number of security and joint forces guarding the location. The joint officer also closed all road access to the Brimob Dormitory on KS Tubun Road, Slipi III Street, KS Tubun III-B Road, Jalan KS Tubun III-C.

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    The masses that claimed to be a part of the `Aksi Gerakan Nasional Kedaulatan Rakyat` (National Movement for People's Sovereignty Movement) began to riot on Tuesday night, May 21, 2019. They returned to the front of the Bawaslu Building, Central Jakarta, which they had previously protested against the election results.

    The returning mob took down the barbed wire barricade fence and provoked the actions of the authorities. After being pushed to Jalan Wahid Hasyim, the mob burned tires and other items in the middle of the road. The authorities managed to overcome it and opened the road again but the masses returned to make barricades in the Tanah Abang Market area.

    Among the riots they made, they burned the Petamburan Brimob Dormitory building and some vehicles nearby in Tanah Abang. They pelted the officers with stones and also large firecrackers. Meanwhile the apparatus, besides using tear gas and shields, were also assisted by a water cannon unit vehicle to help ward off the protesters.