Police: Don't Take Unofficial Alternate Route for Homecoming Trip



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta Police warned the public to be careful in taking routes for Eid homecoming or mudik trip this year.

    “Don’t take alternate routes that we have not set yet. That may be dangerous,” said Yogyakarta Traffic Police Sr. Comr. Tri Julianto Djati Utomo when Tempo met on Tuesday, May 14.

    Such alternative routes, Djati said, were usually made up by the people without concerns on security, whether the routes have extreme, uphill roads, cliffs, or ordinary road. The opening of alternate roads was mostly generated near the tourism area.

    “And don’t depend on electronic map application such as Google Maps. It’s better to use official routes under police surveillance,” he underlined.

    According to Djati, Yogyakarta police have prepared alternate routes that will be operable starting May 28 in a bid to prevent vehicle density. For example, the route along Yogya - east of Central Java border or precisely in front of Prambanan Temple and the route along Yogya-Central Java north side border or road passing Magelang.

    “We have prepared 100 additional traffic signs in the alternate routes later, especially the route heading to Yogya city,” he noted.

    Djati went on to say that over 2,700 personnel will be dispatch to secure the 2019 Eid homecoming season starting May 28 until June 9.