Waste Volume in Jakarta Increased on First Day of Ramadan



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe trash volume in Jakarta entering the Bantargebang Integrated Waste Treatment Area (TPST) in Bekasi, West Java during the first day of Ramadan increased by 864 tons. The normal garbage each day in the landfill amounted to 7,000 tons.

    “The surge in garbage volume during this fasting month is not too significant actually, it’s similar as in the normal days at around 7,000 tons per day,” said TPST Bantargebang officer, Ahmad Nur Mubarok, Tuesday, May 7.

    According to Ahmad, 12 trucks transported garbage in the capital city to Bantargebang a day during the first day of Ramadan.

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    Ahmad said that the volume increase would likely similar to that of last year’s four percent. Most of the trash came from places or stalls selling takjil (light snacks) and Ramadan seasonal market.

    The trash in the 110-hectares area of Bantargebang landfill was weighed and divided based on its types. “We decompose vegetable waste, while scavengers sort out plastic ones,” he added.

    The Indonesia Scavengers Association (IPI) organizer Doan said some 4,800 scavengers helped to sort out and reduce garbages in TPST Bantargebang. “They are partners of TPST Bantargebang organizers too because they help to lower the existing garbage volume,” said Doan.