CSIS Survey: 13 Million Plan to go on Holiday on Election Day



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Another survey by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) shows that there will be at least 7 percent of registered voters in the final voter list (DPT) who plan to go on vacation during election day.

    The survey showed that this possibility may take place since the simultaneous general elections are set to be held on Wednesday, April 17, just one day prior to Christian’s Good Friday, and followed by the weekends; Saturday and Sunday.

    “Our survey showed at least 7 percent of voters plan to go on a vacation. So they would automatically not be able to cast their votes,” said CSIS researcher Arya Fernandez at Hotel Fairmont in Jakarta today, March 28.

    Furthermore, the pollster studied the political trend since the 2004 elections where voters’ participation had dropped parallel to a higher number of abstainers, added to the fact that the 2019 presidential election only sees two candidates competing. This situation is similar to those in 2014, which CSIS claims will further reduce voters’ participation.

    “Voters can get bored of the same candidates. They would automatically choose to abstain if they don’t prefer the number 01 or number 02 candidate,” said Arya Fernandez.


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