3 TNI Soldiers Killed in Separatist Ambush in Nduga, Papua



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) soldiers joined in a special operation in securing the Trans Papua Wamena – Mumugu infrastructure construction was ambushed by a group of armed separatists (KKSB) on Thursday, March 7.

    This information was confirmed by TNI spokesman Maj. Gen. Sisriadi in a written statement yesterday; “The army was attacked by the KKSB led by Egianus Kogoya at the Mugi District, Nduga, on Thursday, March 7, at around 08:00 eastern Indonesia time (WIT),” said Sisriadi.

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    Three TNI soldiers (Seargent/ Serda) were killed in the ambush, namely Serda Mirwariyadin, Serda Yusdin, and Serda Siswanto Bayu Aji.

    Sisriadi explained that the attack came when 25 TNI soldiers joined in the Gakkum Taskforce had just arrived at the Mugi District in order to secure a mission. This team was ambushed by separatist that consists of roughly 50-70 men armed with traditional firearms up to military standard firearms.

    According to the TNI, the separatists eventually fled deep into the jungle after multiple exchanges with TNI soldiers leaving behind one dead separatist and a number of weapons that were confiscated.