Indonesia Optimistic of Receiving More Japanese Investment



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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia believes that Japanese investment in Indonesia, particularly the portfolio one, still has potential to increase.

    "Japanese portfolio investment in Indonesia still has potential to increase, as the value is very small at present," Mirza Adityaswara, the senior deputy governor of Bank Indonesia, stated here, Saturday, in response to the press` question regarding his meetings with Japanese investors and analysts in Tokyo and Osaka.

    Indonesia needs to maintain ties with Japanese investors and to furnish latest information on Indonesia`s economy continuously, he emphasized.

    Hence, Adityaswara said he had held meetings with Japanese investors and analysts in Tokyo and Osaka.

    Based on data of the Finance Ministry, the value of portfolio investment in the form of shares and bonds in rupiah as per December 2018, reached US$163.56 billion, including $61.68 billion of foreign ownership.

    The ownership of Japanese investors was recorded at only $2.07 billion. Their ownership of Indonesian bonds in yen is also small.

    Adityaswara has called on every relevant stakeholder to help intensify ties with Japanese investors in order to attract more investment, including direct investment.

    Investors can notice Indonesia`s commitment in implementing development, if there is sound coordination and synergy among relevant stakeholders in the country, he added.

    Suahasil Nazara, head of the Fiscal Policy Agency of the Finance Ministry, remarked that Indonesia was optimistic of maintaining and attracting more investment from Japan by offering information update to Japanese investors.

    Indonesian Ambassador to Japan Arifin Tasrif stated that the value of Japanese trade and investment in Indonesia would increase if the two countries sign an economic partnership agreement.

    He forecast that the agreement would be signed in June this year, prior to the G20 Summit in Japan.

    Indonesia enjoyed a trade surplus of some $2 billion in its bilateral trade with Japan. Such a condition is no problem for Japan, he remarked.