KPK 2018 Report Card Shows Great Performance



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The annual performance report by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) showed great performance in almost all sectors from absorbing 90 percent of its budget up to the record-breaking number of sting operations (OTT).

    The following is the summary of KPK’s report;

    1. Record-Breaking Sting Operations (OTT)

    KPK deputy Saut Situmorang said that this year’s OTT was significantly higher compared to previous years with 28 sting ops and 108 named suspects. The agency suggested that their overachieving goal might increase again before year’s end.

    2. 178 Cases

    KPK handled 157 investigations and 128 prosecutions were 28 of them started from a sting operation. The cases range from corruption by fixing procurements up to bribery. These cases involve people from the private industry, regional leaders, and legislative members.

    3. Rp500 Billion Goes Back to the Country

    The money confiscated from the numerous cases KPK handled in 2018 added up to Rp500 billion and has been handed back to the state.

    4. Gratification

    The agency received 1,990 reports on alleged gratification by a state employee. Based on that, KPK found that Rp8.5 billion worth of assets belonged to the state. Most of the reports came from state-owned enterprises (BUMN/BUMD) and state ministries.

    5. 6,000 Reports on Alleged Corruptions

    KPK received a total of more than 6,000 verified reports on suspected corruptions from the public until December 2018. 3,990 of those reports were suspected to be potentially legitimate cases of corruption.

    6. 90 Percent Budget Absorption

    KPK managed to absorb almost 90 percent of its budget in 2018 that reached Rp744.7 billion or 87.2 percent from the State Budget (APBN). All of those funds were efficiently used to counter numerous corruption cases in Indonesia.