OJK: No Reports on Fintech Violations



Ali Akhmad Noor Hidayat

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Director for Licensing and Supervision of Fintech of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Hendrikus Passagi, said that currently, there is no valid and complete report in violation allegedly committed by peer-to-peer lending company - commonly known as online loan company - has been filed.

    "We from the OJK, requested help [from customers] by submitting complete documents so we can solve the issue," Hendrikus at OJK’s office on Friday, December 14, 2018.

    OJK wishes o meet directly with the victims of the alleged violations and expect to receive evidence of the violations. Hendrikus said that until now, the legal aid institution had only gave the name of the 25 victims without disclosing complete documents to support OJK in resolving the issue.

    Last Sunday, the Jakarta Legal Aid Institution reported about 1,330 complaints related to peer-to-peer fintech companies. Some 25 out of the 89 companies mentioned in the reports are officially registered at the OJK.

    Hendrikus asserted that OJK will take firm action against the violating companies if they can be proven guilty. However, until today, OJK is yet to receive any report with complete and valid evidence related to the alleged violations.

    Attorney of the Jakarta Legal Aid Institution Jeanny Silvia Sari Sirat said that there has been no agreement in the meeting conducted with OJK. "No consent on concern related to OJK's responsibility. There's no consent on that particular point," Jeanny said.

    Regarding the data of the 1,330 victims, the LBH claimed that it has verified all the reports in the form of screenshot of threats, videos, and photo evidence.