Today`s Antam Gold Price is Rp664,000 per Gram

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  • Antam gold. Tempo/Tony Hartawan

    Antam gold. Tempo/Tony Hartawan

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The price of PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM) gold bar increased by Rp1,000 today. It is compared to the last price uploaded by Antam on Tuesday, October 9, which is Rp663,000 per gram.

    “The price of one gram of gold bar is Rp664,000,” wrote the official website on Thursday, October 11.

    Antam’s buyback price is Rp584,000. It is Rp581,000 per gram on October 9. While on October 8, it was Rp587,000 per gram.

    Based on the website, Antam’s gold bar price at Pulogadung, Jakarta, are:

    1 gram = Rp664,000

    2 grams = Rp1,279,000

    3 grams = Rp1,898,000

    5 grams = Rp3,148,000

    10 grams = Rp6,230,000

    25 grams = Rp15,467,000

    50 grams = Rp30,860,000

    100 grams = Rp61,872,000

    250 grams = Rp153,620,000

    The prices and availability can change at any time, without notice. It includes the 22 PPh (income tax) of 0.9 percent.

    The buyers can submit their Taxpayer’s Principal Value or NPWP to get a lower tax deduction or 0.45 percent. The gold price level of Rp615,086 per gram applies to sales of 500 grams of the gold bar. The price of 500 grams of gold is Rp307,543,000.