3 Apps to Support Your CCTV Camera during Eid Homecoming

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  • iCamViewer IP Camera. Credit: youtube.com

    iCamViewer IP Camera. Credit: youtube.com

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - There is a large number of mobile applications that can help you monitor your house after you have left it unattended for the 2018 Eid homecoming. Most of the apps are meant to connect and further support the use of personal CCTVs at home.

    1. Tinycam Monitor

    This app is able to be connected to a variety of brands such as Dahua, Hikvision, and Reolink. Interestingly, Tinycam can display multiple monitor feeds at once. There are two versions of this app, the free version and the paid version, both are basically the same but the paid version will provide you with special features such as facial detection unlike in the free version.

    2. iCamviewer IP Camera

    There are several brands of CCTV cameras that are compatible with this app, such as Avtech, Honeywell, Geovision, Axis, Sony, Vivotech, and Panasonic. The app’s user interface is also pretty easy to use even for less-technologically savvy users.

    3. Alfred Home Security Camera

    This app uses your smartphone or tablets to replace the role of CCTV cameras. The interesting feature that this app has is that it can send sounds through your phone’s microphone, such as your own personal voice that can enable you to shout or warn at thief that is headed to your unattended home in this year’s Eid homecoming.