5 Oldest Online Games in Indonesia  

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  • Ragnarok Online. Credit: writer.dek-d.com

    Ragnarok Online. Credit: writer.dek-d.com

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Online gaming is being hyped now. Namely Mobile Legend, Arena of Valor, and so on. The gamers are connected to each other with online games, sometimes they meet and form a community.

    Here is a list of the first generation online games, which are still being played today:

    1. Ragnarok (2001)

    Ragnarok Online or RO released 4 months after Laghaim, precisely in May 2003. It was created by a developer from South Korea, Gravity, and issued by PT Lyto.

    2. Nexia (2001)

    It is a game that plays the role of a fictional character in a story (role-playing game / RPG). 2D based games emerged in 2001. Nexia is shared by BolehGame with simple graphics and can only require a small computer specification. It can even be played on Pentium 2 with a minimum of 3D graphics.

    3. Redmoon (2002)

    Redmoon released in 2002. It has a 2.5D graphics. The game was made inspired by a comic with the same title. It is an RPG game and takes the background of a future. However, the game was closed in 2005.

    4. Laghaim (2003)

    The game was circulated in Indonesia in early 2003. Released by BolehGame, it requires computer specifications that are not small. Laghaim only lasted until 2006, and only for the fanatic of the game.

    5. GunBound

    RPG game was present in 2004 and became the first action genre online game in Indonesia. The game requires the player to sit for hours in front of the computer. GunBound is the first action game to enter the World Cyber Game (WCG). The game finally closed in 2012.