Ministry Wants Severe Punishment for Sexual Offenders

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Ministry of Women`s Empowerment and Child Protection urges law enforcement officials to impose severe penalties for sexual offenders, especially child predators, by referring to Law No.17/2016 on Child Protection.

    "The law needs to be disseminated to the public and law enforcement officials so that the public knows that these criminals will be a harsh punishment," Ali Khasan, the ministry's assistant deputy for child protection against law and stigmatism said in a press release on Thursday, Nov. 22.

    Ali said dissemination will also encourage law enforcement officers to give more than basic criminal charges, but additional ones as well as stipulated in Law No.17/2016.

    The law regulates additional penalties in the form of social punishments by announcing the identity of sexual offenders, giving chemical castration, installation of electronic detectors, and sexual rehabilitation.

    Ali said the government issued these additional charges and punishment as cases of sexual violence against children continued to increase, often involving parents, teachers, and peers.

    "Additional punishment will have a deterrent effect and reduce sexual violence against children in the community," he explained.