Savoring Bebalung During Lombok Trip

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  • Bebalung is a typical dish from Lombok and is known all over the island.

    Bebalung is a typical dish from Lombok and is known all over the island.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Spending holiday to Lombok is not complete without savoring a local dish Bebalung that can be found in several restaurantsThis menu can be found in great hotels in Mataram, the capital and the biggest city in West Nusa Tenggara province.

    Bebalung is a typical dish from Lombok and is known all over the island.

    Bebalung itself means “energy” and because of this, the locals believe that consuming bebalung makes them energized and boosts  their vitality.

    Bebalung is a kind of soup made of beef or ox ribs mixed with spices consisting of chili, garlic, shallot, galangal, ginger and saffronThis mix of spices is called ragi rajang by Sasak tribe.

    In a hotel, this cuisine is served along with kuluh or a kind of jackfruit, so it is known as Bebalung Kuluh. This dish is boiled beef ribs and it is served with sauce called ragi genepKuluh is cooked separately and added to the dish.

    Kuluh is known to contain rich protein and unsaturated fat, making it healthy to consumeKuluh is an alternative to the dishKuluh tastes bland and is completed with the sauce ragi genap consisting of galangalcandlenut and coriander.  

    According to Santika Mataram Hotel chef Yasakuluh and the ribs have to be cooked separatelySince the beef is from local cow and it is usually slaughtered when it is old, the ribs have to be boiled in a long period with little fire.

    This is trying out new things. Turned out people like it,’’ he said last September.

    Bealung kuluh, he saidis served with white warm rice and it makes this menu worth trying.

    It can be eaten for lunch and dinner,” he said.

    On September 2017Santika Mataram Hotel promoted this menu to their guests as the main dish.